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Rajeev Lochan Prasad
I am 40 Years old an astrologer from Patna (Bihar) but practicing   most of time in Mumbai. I have examined various methods of prediction i.e palmistry, numerology, Hindu astrology, face reading (Samudrik ) , but ultimately realised that out of these methods only astrology is purely scientific , amazingly reliable with incredible remedies for one’s suffering through the help of elaborate Hindu Rituals and auspicious and Precious Gems .

Way back in the year 2005 I took up the challenges posed by Print Media and electronic media. I have proved with my continuous predictions say 34 in numbers about Bollywood Film Stars. Through one after another prediction, I have proved that predictions made through astrology is not correct accidentally .Rather astrology can give widely correct prediction and only accidentally it is incorrect.

All the predictions well published in leading Hindi daily Hindustan from Hindustan Times Group.